Test requirements are listed in requirements/tests.txt file in the project source. These requirements are in addition to the main project requirements in requirements/base.html.

After you have installed django-timepiece in your project, you can use the Django test runner to run tests against your installation:

python manage.py test timepiece timepiece.contracts timepiece.crm timepiece.entries timepiece.reports

Tests in Development

To easily run tests against different environments that django-timepiece supports, download the source and navigate to the django-timepiece directory. From there, you can use tox to run tests against a specific environment:

tox -e python3.5-django1.9

Or omit the -e argument to run tests against all combinations of Python and Django that django-timepiece supports. By default tox uses the example project test settings, but you can specify different test settings using the --settings flag. You can also specify a subset of apps to test against.